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Living A Creative Life

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What is 'Living A Creative Life'?

LACL is all about making everyday count. Sounds cliche, but it's easy to go throughout the day- searching social media sites, watching television, lounging around the house, or spending free time doing things that aren't a priority. Sure, most of us have day jobs, school, or even just began navigating this whole "adulting" lifestyle. This blog is a personal log of how I maintain a daily/weekly routine of integrating time for creativity and implementing habits that allow room for growth, experimentation and education within that artistic realm.

What kind of content will be featured?

You can expect to find updates on works in progress, new projects, personal updates/obstacles and topics of the week and/or month (that include books,podcasts,playlists,inspiration,products).

What made you want to feature this as a category?

Currently, I'm working as (what I'd like to consider) a Freelance Creative. I recently left a full time job within the art department of an event and design company, to explore a more self-motivated route. With this drastic change, I strive to maintain and include as much art making and carpentry/design projects as possible to showcase what I am capable of. This is a journey that I am learning as I go, taking risks and accepting the fact that failure is inevitable, while hopefully finding sustainability within the practice.

What and how can readers take away from these blog posts?

I hope that people can see that as long as you try and continue to put yourself in positions that can be beneficial to you as an individual (meaning- mentally, physically, professionally, educationally)- that the process is worth doing. I am a firm believer that there's always something to take away from each experience, positive or negative.

Music | To Be Happy by Joey Pecoraro

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