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Altered Space

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What is 'Altered Space'?

Altered Space is my side business for all things furniture and interior design related- because who doesn't love a good DIY?

What kind of content will be featured?

I plan to feature content that involves my thought process on why I pick each piece, what I plan to change and how the finished product came to be.

What made you want to feature this as a category?

When it comes to employment opportunities, I usually try to find something that challenges me to learn skills that I haven't acquired prior to working that position. My most recent experience required me to focused on ways to fix, refinish and faux finish furniture and display items. Having gained this knowledge propelled the necessary gumption I needed to bring Altered Space to life.

What and how can readers take away from these blog posts?

I hope that readers can see how one aspect of learning can always transfer to another. That experimentation will lead to further exploration and realization. If you are stuck and uninspired in one medium, use other ways to exercise the mind.

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