Altered Space

| photograph taken with Snow app | What is 'Altered Space'? Altered Space is my side business for all things furniture and interior design related- because who doesn't love a good DIY? What kind of content will be featured? I plan to feature content that involves my thought process on why I pick each piece, what I plan to change and how the finished product came to be. What made you want to feature this as a category? When it comes to employment opportunities, I usually try

Living A Creative Life

| photograph taken with Snow app | What is 'Living A Creative Life'? LACL is all about making everyday count. Sounds cliche, but it's easy to go throughout the day- searching social media sites, watching television, lounging around the house, or spending free time doing things that aren't a priority. Sure, most of us have day jobs, school, or even just began navigating this whole "adulting" lifestyle. This blog is a personal log of how I maintain a daily/weekly routine of